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Wildlife Safari Photography In Tanzania

Everyone associated with Africa Nature Photography takes pride in offering an amazing photo safari experience. Our guides provide the perfect opportunity for every participant to discover, photograph, and treasure the most prized and abundant wildlife areas in Tanzania.

Planning a Wildlife Safari Photography tour

When planning for a photo safari in Africa, the key to obtaining great wildlife images is about being in the right place at the right time. We cater to each safari group’s needs by first identifying your photographic desires to understand the best time of year to get the most out of your African safari. 

The lodgings

For our photographic safaris we specifically choose camps/lodges that have available power for charging camera batteries and other devices as this is not a feature available at all of them. Additionally, the camps/lodges we use understand the schedule of photographers.

We know it’s essential to leave early and return after sunset in order to take advantage of the best light. The staff works with us to make sure we have our meals based on our schedules and accommodate us in every other way so our safari runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Naturalist guides

Our naturalist guides have an innate knowledge and understanding of what every photographer needs to make the best possible images. They are trained to work very closely with photographers and understand the dynamics of lighting and vehicle positioning as these concepts pertain to wildlife photography.

Vehicle space

A photo safari is all about coming back with magnificent images. It’s with this in mind we limit the number of photographers per vehicle. It’s imperative no photographer misses the shot so we assign each photographer to his/her entire row. It doesn’t matter on which side of the safari vehicle the action occurs, each photographer will get the best possible vantage point to make the image.

If the animal moves from one side of the vehicle to the other, simply move to the other side. No one will be in your way. All your camera gear will be positioned on the seat right next to you to grab whatever accessory you need.

Charging batteries

We know that sometimes you will use more battery power than you expect while out on safari. This may create the need to charge a battery during our game drive. Don’t worry - we have you covered. Our vehicles are equipped with charging stations which allow you to top off a battery while in the field. They also have the capability to charge your cellphones as we have USB connections. 

Stabilization on vehicles

We know how important stabilization is for photography so we provide bean bags in our vehicles. There is no need to bring your own. The beanbags are mounted to the top of the vehicle so when you stand, you have a stable platform. An additional bag is provided for you to lay across the window to provide a lower shooting angle. Extras will also be available for everyone in the group in case you need to raise your camera to a higher position.

Your day on Safari

We know that the key to making a great photo is dependent upon the LIGHT. The guides at Africa Nature Photography realize this and accommodate your needs by starting early in the morning, usually before sunrise, so you can capture the warmth of the morning sun. In that wildlife is most active at this time of day, it’s a double win. The group then spends the rest of the morning making pictures.

We return to camp during mid-day for lunch, rest, charge batteries, clean equipment, and download pictures. We then head back out around midafternoon and stay out as late as possible, usually a little after sunset. Once again, this is when the best light occurs and when the animals begin to become more active after being lazy during the hours of the hot sun. 

A lot of time photography is all about waiting for just the right moment. That is why, when we get to a sighting, we wait as long as you like to make sure you get the perfect shot. 

A Safari company that provides a perfect opportunity for you to discover and treasure the wonders of the most amazing wildlife areas of Tanzania in an exclusive setting.
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