Jambo! We are Africa Nature Photography and Safaris. We invite you, your family, and all your friends to come to Tanzania and explore the wilderness areas of this beautiful country; its abundant wildlife, and the warm hospitality of Tanzanian people and make wonderful memories to cherish forever.

We know that many of you are dreaming of traveling and are eager to begin planning for a safari to Tanzania. In today’s uncertainty, the best way to embark on a-once-in-a-lifetime-experience is a private safari. We are here to support you every step of the way and excited to welcome you to our home as ever.

We are an experienced photo oriented team and we take pride in offering the best African photo safari tours. Our guides provide the perfect opportunity for every participant to discover, photograph, and treasure the most prized and abundant wildlife areas in Tanzania.

A Tanzania Family Safari is the perfect holiday for all ages, because it allows multiple generations to make and treasure memories forever. At Africa Nature Photography & Safaris, we have been specializing in private family safaris and for years we have lead family vacation trips in an exclusive setting.

If it needs to be said, Tanzania is a birder’s paradise. Bird watching safaris in Tanzania can run all year round as the climate is always great and there are always wonderful birds. We cater to birders of all levels, whether you are new to birding or a serious birder we can customize an itinerary that suites your birding interest.



If you are looking for open expanses, a plethora of wildlife, and exciting photography opportunities then Migration Safari to Ndutu During the migration season is the right choice for you. Allow yourself to be lost in this epic adventure.


This wildlife safari to Grumeti River takes advantage of the great migration when the area is bursting with wildlife, including nomadic predators from other drier parts of the Serengeti visiting this popular area to ensure their own survival.


Safari to Mara river that offers fantastic opportunities to watch and photograph thousands of migrating wildebeest and zebras as they attempt to cross vast body of water at the mighty Mara River.

Why travel with us?

Safari Highlights

With unparalleled desire for you to truly appreciate your time on safari, we offer unlimited mileage which maximizes your game-viewing opportunity and gives you the most flexible pace and access to explore the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas.

Safari vehicle fleet

Our safari vehicles are made up of specially customized 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers equipped with large windows, battery charging stations, comfortable seats, and a fully stocked supply of water, photography accessories.

Dedicated Safari Specialists

Our professional and knowledgeable Safari specialists on the ground know every aspect about traveling in Tanzania and will help you plan a once-in-a-life-time journey that matches your interests, travel style, and time frame.

Latest Safari Highlights

Maximise the chances of seeing your favorite African animals based on our latest traveler highlights and sightings reports from the bush.

In June 2021 we embarked on a 10-day trip through Tanzania as a family of five (tween, teen, mom, dad and grandma, aka “Bibi”)…

Kate O


Travel Date: June 2021

Photo Safari Vehicles

Our Photo safari vehicles has three rows of seating and are equipped with canvas roll-back tops for unrestricted 360 degrees game viewing

Anglebert Pantaleo             

Safari Guide

ANP 2021

The best Safari tour in Tanzania

I spent 11 days in the Serengeti with Africa Nature Photography tours in Sept 2019. I could not have been happier with my experience…..

Han T             

Denver  USA

Travel Dates: Sept. 2019