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Welcome to Africa Nature Photography & Safaris

We are a hands-on Photo Safari company based in Tanzania. Our office is based in the safari town of Arusha and specializes in organizing photo safaris as well as private and family vacation travel to the wilderness areas of Tanzania and beach holidays to Zanzibar. We work with individual travelers, small groups and private guided safaris and are confident that you will find us competent and knowledgeable partners in your planning of an African safari. We invite you to come to Tanzania and explore the treasure of this beautiful country, its wildlife and the warm hospitality of Tanzanian People.

Our Popular Safari Itineraries

We simply design safari itineraries based on your interests, travel style, budget, time frame and the movement of animals with regards to the time of the year in the destinations that you have chosen to travel.

Private family Safari in Tanzania is an ideal holiday to all ages that allows parents, grandparents and children to explore the country and treasure the memories for a life changing experience ever.We specializes in organizing private family safaris and for many years, we have been leading so many extraordinary family trips to the amazing wildlife areas of Tanzania.

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Join us for a Photo Safari that provides a perfect opportunity for you to discover and treasure the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas of Tanzania in an exclusive setting. We have an innate knowledge and understanding of what photographer needs are. We understand the dynamics of lighting and vehicle positioning as pertains to wildlife photography.

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Choosing the right safari for you depends on a lot of factors as every person has their own interest and ideas of what they want from an African safari. Our dedicated safari expert will help you plan an extraordinary Safari and introduce  you to the amazing wildlife areas, beautiful scenery and  diverse culture of  the  wonderfully welcoming people of Tanzania.

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Why book with Africa Nature Photography & Safaris

Our safari vehicles are made up of specially customized 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers equipped with large windows, battery charging stations, comfortable seats, and a fully stocked supply of water, photography accessories.


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With us, you will have a direct communication with our professional, knowledgeable and genuinely flexible team on the ground committed to listening to you in order to understand your interests, travel style, time frame, and what you want to get out of a once-in-a-life-time safari experience.


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We are registered safari company, specialize in tailor making your tour to ensure you get a perfect safari itinerary for you tastes & budget. With us you have private vehicles, safe traveling and financial insurance.


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We understand that when you travel a great distance for your Photo Safari or a family trip to our destinations in Tanzania, you are embarking on your once-in-a-lifetime safari experience. It is our goal to tailor-made your safari itinerary and insure that you return home with overwhelming appreciation of all Tanzania has to offer.



With unparalleled desire for you to truly appreciate your time on safari, we offer unlimited mileage which maximizes your game-viewing opportunity and gives you the most flexible pace and game viewing access to explore the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas of Tanzania in an exclusive setting.


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As a local safari company we give back to local community by supporting schools and conservation projects in areas that you choose to travel. In some of our safari itinerary, we will give you the opportunity to visit schools and conservation project that we support and have an insight in all that we are doing.


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Our Naturalist Guides

We have a strong team of exceptional Naturalist guides who have been guiding professional photographers and families for over ten years and are not only knowledgeable about wildlife, but hard-working and passionate about all the areas that you will visit for your Tanzania safari and gives you a great learning and discovery opportunity.

Naturalist Guides
Naturalist Guide
Naturalist Guide
Naturalist Guide
Naturalist Guide

Latest reviews from our clients

June 30, 2017
"If you want a once in a lifetime experience on a safari to Tanzania, Africa, then ANP is your best choice. I went with award-winning Russ Burden Photography workshop in April 2017.  Africa Nature Photography & Safaris was the tour company Russ hired for our 14 days trip....
July 30, 2017
"Anglebert provided us with a great adventure, not only spotting animals in the brush or up trees while we were driving but also at dusk and dawn.  He and his crew adapted quickly to our needs and requests for the best light and angles to photograph our quarry. ...
July 30, 2017
"Anglebert is a true professional with dedication and a deep love for the animals, environment and what he does.  His knowledge of the animals and their behavior is unsurpassed. He was a pleasure to work with. We would not go back to Africa with anyone else.
July 31, 2017
"Anglebert's intimate knowledge of the landscape, the animals and their behaviors is unsurpassed. He is the Siri of the Serengeti with an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.  Tanzania was the experience of a lifetime, and I'm so grateful that I was...
July 31, 2017
"Anglebert's love for Africa comes through in his guiding where his knowledge and experience with the area and the animals gives him an understanding of their behavior which is so important in knowing where to find them.  He asked me,  what do you want to see, and I...
October 18, 2017
"Anglebert is an ultimate professional photo tour guide and driver. I have been on two photo safaris with him and I'm coming back for a third. Anglebert has extreme knowledge of animal behavior and what it takes to position his vehicle to allow us photographers to capture
April 2, 2018
"I have been photographing wildlife in east and south Africa for more than twenty-five years, and will say unequivocally that Anglebert is the best driver-guide I have ever traveled with.  He has an uncanny ability to find stuff that other accomplished guides miss completely and,
April 12, 2018
"My photo safari to Tanzania last April was fabulous, and I want thank our drivers with Africa Nature Photography & Safaris – Anglebert and Francis – for taking thoughtful care of all of the details.  If luck favors the prepared, then these two safari guides were able to...
May 14, 2018
"I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have Anglebert as a guide on four photo safaris.  Anglebert is the consummate guide.  He is there for you to take in all the wonders of Tanzania and to put you in situations where you have the opportunity to...
December 5, 2018
"Our trip with Africa Nature Photography Tours was the best photo tour ever. ANP staff couldn’t have done a better job at finding animals for us to photograph. They worked very hard day and night to make sure we had the best experience. The vehicles were outfitted with...

Gateway to Photo Safaris and Private Family vacation to the wilderness areas of Tanzania and beach holiday to Zanzibar.

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