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Jambo! Africa Nature Photography was born out of a love for photography and an equal love for wildlife conservation. We focus on 9 African countries, where our safaris can benefit communities but where wildlife is either abundant or in unique settings.
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A private family safari in Africa is the perfect vacation for all ages because it allows multiple generations to make and treasure memories forever. At Africa Nature Photography & Safaris, we have been leading family safaris for years in exclusive settings. We specialize in private family and photographic focused safaris throughout eastern and southern Africa.
the best in the business for a photo safari in tanzania superlative organization, we had a great time with them. we did the arusha national park then the tarangiri then ngorongoro and finally the serengeti. the lodges chosen by the company were spectacular. and the best thing to experience a great safari is to have a competent guide, with robby certainly not wrong. jeeps equipped to the best to be comfortable, to see the animals and above all to photograph them.
Achille Lampertico
An Amazing Experience with a Top-Notch Company This was my third photo safari with Africa Nature Photography, and as before, it was a wonderful trip. Our guides, Karashi and Robby, were magnificent. Karashi is a wealth of information, even making a brief stop at a termite mound very interesting. Robby's sense of humor kept us always laughing. The accommodations were first-rate. Lake Masek Tented Camp was again a group favorite. Intimate Camp was a new addition this year, and my group decided to stay the final two nights of the trip there rather than moving to another camp. The food was superb! Our skilled and experienced guides did their best to help everyone in the group find and photograph the animals on their wish list. I really wanted to photograph the very elusive leopard, and after a lot of looking and waiting, they found a female leopard tucked away, perfectly camouflaged. She got up and gave us a wonderful sighting.Unlike guides with some other tour companies, outs were respectful of the wildlife while still getting us in position for great photography. This attitude really meant a lot to everyone in my group.I can't say enough good things about Africa Nature Photograph and Safaris.
Ann S
Family safari in Tanzania Two months have passed since we came back from Tanzania and now I can write without the peak of Mal d’Africa… My first experience in Tanzania was my honeymoon in 2004 and since then I always wanted to be back. My guide was Anglebert Pantaleo. Last year, planning finally to go back with my family to do safari there, I called Anglebert. With four kids, form 17 to 11, I wanted to be sure of the result And I did well!The trip was fantastic, together with Anglebert we planned the tour, the stops and the type of accommodations in order to give my family the perfect experience:Different landscapes (Arusha NP, Tarangiri NP, NgoroNgoro and Serengeti)We experienced the view of all sorts of game, from the most common to the more rare ones (white baboon, serval cat, rino - at a distance… - leopard with her baby) and unusual views (a 19 strong pride of lionesses, lions on a tree, hunting cheetahs, …)All of these with perfect guide and tutoring by Robby Actually we fitted also a 18 years birthday party and the New Year Eve party Thanks again to Anglebert and Robby!(Actually, Mal d’Africa is still on!)
A great guide made for a great trip! My husband and I and another couple spent 18 days on Safari to Arusha NP, Lake Manyara, Lake Macek, Serengeti, and Ngorogoro Crater. Our guide Peter was great! Thoughtful, attention to detail, accommodating, and VERY knowledgeable, especially birds. I don’t think you can go wrong if you hire this company for your Safari to Tanzania.
Tanzanian Parks Safari with African Nature Photography and Safaris We had a fantastic 18-day photography and birding safari, visiting Arusha, Tarangire, Ngoragora (Lake Masek and Ngoragora Crater) and south and central Serengeti. We saw 45 species of mammals and over 290 birds. Our guide, Peter Njau was spectacular: very knowledgeable about all the animal and their ecology and a fantastic bird guide, as well as very friendly and accommodating. He always put us in great position to get the photos or see the wildlife and was often the first to find the sought-after leopards, lions, and cheetahs. We saw large herds of zebras (>100,000 and Thompson's Gazelles, and large numbers of most other large mammals. Owner Anglebert Panteleo was very accommodating and responsive, and designed a superb trip for us. We stayed mostly at tented camps in the bush, which were safe, with very good food and great service in the middle of the wilderness. Although African Nature Photography doesn't emphasize guiding for birders on their web site, they should because Peter and Anglebert are both accomplished birders that will find you many, many birds! I highly recommend a safari with Peter and Anglebert through African Nature Photography and Safaris. I want to go back and do it again!
Daniel A
African Nature Photography & Safaris is the BEST! Our group of six had a fantastic time seeing more animals than we ever thought we could possibly see. Our guide, Peter was so knowledgeable, knowing where the animals were and where exactly to position the vehicle so we could see the animals up close and personal. Imagine our amazement to be perfectly safe, but be within a foot of a male lion or a large elephant. We got to watch a lioness stalk a wildebeest, take it down for the kill and eat it with her pride. We also got to watch a lion mating ritual. We witnessed the circle of life from seeing baby everything to the elderly animals. The accommodations and staff at the lodges were great as was the food. If you want to see Tanzania, this is the way to go.
Gary F
Experiencing Tanzania was amazing I was privileged to spend 12 days with an Africa Nature Photography Safari. The guides were very knowledgeable and it was a wonderful lifetime experience. We saw so much more than I expected to see. The Ngorongoro Crater was amazing. The Serengeti matchless. The kindness, caring and compassion of the people of Tanzania was beyond anything I have experienced before. I truly had the experience of a lifetime.
Carlene M
It is hard to describe this company. You need to experience their awesomeness yourself! I have been on two safaris with Africa Nature Photography & Safaris and both times they NEVER disappointed me. I am extremely picky and expect top notch service and without sounding like a broken record, they Never disappointed me. Anglebert goes above and beyond to make your safari the best it can be. When I thought he could not top a wildlife viewing he would do it over and over again. My photos are more than “zoo” pictures so if you are a photographer you will not be disappointed. Family and friends safaris will also be amazing as he customizes each Safari based on your desires. I plan to return to Tanzania and will not consider any company but Africa Nature Photography & Safaris. They will not disappoint you!
Anglebert the Animal Whisperer No one finds photography opportunities like the guides at Africa Nature Photography. Anglebert anticipates their moves and habits putting you in the best place while others are playing catch up. Many times we epwere the only truck in the area for hours.
Doug H
Fabulous Safari Tour We spent 12 days touring with Africa Nature Photography. We explored areas around Arusha, Ngorongoro, Lake Masik, Seronera Valley, and through the Serengeti. Absolutely amazing sights! Anglebert and Karashi were the guides/drivers in our group of 6. All of us are amateur photographers; some of us were there for the variety of birds and others for the African animals. No one was disappointed with what we captured in our photos and memories! The guides were both incredibly knowledgeable and talented for finding big and small game and birds. I highly recommend Africa Nature Photography not only for photographers but for animal lovers. There is nothing like seeing wild animals in their habitat and this tour will take you to them!
Ty E

We are an experienced, photo-oriented team and we take pride in offering the best African photo safari tours and workshops. Our guides provide the perfect opportunity for every participant to discover, photograph, and treasure the most prized and abundant wildlife areas throughout Africa.

Africa Nature Photography offers a variety of ways to get the most out of your safari. Our private safari workshops are limited to 3 photographers (and 1 additional passenger) in order to allow maximum flexibility in our specially designed safari vehicles.

“The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will…” – Theodore Roosevelt

Photographic Safaris

New to wildlife photography or a seasoned pro, our tours and workshops will help you capture the moment and get that wall hanging photo you've dreamed of.


Family Safaris

Our family safaris are tailored to keep the excitement of being on a wildlife and birdlife-spotting safari alive and interactive for everyone.


Bird Watching Safaris

There are over 2000 species of birds in Eastern and Southern Africa. Want to find a specific species? Let us show you.


LATEST FROM THE BUSH Here we share stories by our guides and our travelers of their tales and adventures while on safari.

What Our Travelers Are Saying

Amazing Experience!!

I recently returned from a safari with Africa Nature Photography & Safaris. Everything was amazing! The accommodations were great, as was the food. The drivers/guides, Anglebert and Tom, are extremely knowledgable and know exactly how to position the vehicle in order to capture the best images. There were so many amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, but I must say that viewing 5 wildebeest river crossings over 3 days was a highlight. I definitely recommend this company and I look forward to another trip with them!
Heidi C

Africa Nature Photography is Great

I have been on numerous African safaries and in my opinion Africa Nature Photography is the best. They understand light and getting you in the best location for great photos. If you book with anyone else you will be thinking to yourself what you will be missing by not going with Africa Nature Photography.

Amazing, Exciting Safari

I just returned from a wonderful safari to the northern Serengeti for the Mara River crossing, and it was amazing. Great photo opportunities, great lodging, and wonderful food. The guides and drivers Of Africa Nature Photography & Safaris are amazing, they find animals that other safaris miss, and then position the jeeps for the best photographs. An opportunity not to be missed!

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