Home to both the world’s largest waterfall and man-made lake, Zimbabwe is a water-lover’s dream. It features many national parks, which are teeming with wildlife just waiting to be captured. As one of the best countries to visit in Africa, if you’re interested in safaris, there are many reasons to go to stunning Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls

A spectacular sight that will take your breath away– the crashing waters of Victoria Falls may be the highlight of any trip to Zimbabwe. The settlement that has been built around the falls offers plenty of vantage points for great shots. What’s more, the Victoria Falls National Park allows you to get up close and personal with baboons and other wildlife.

Lake Kariba

The stunning wildlife that lines the banks of Lake Kariba would suggest that this has been a drinking spot for centuries– but the truth is that Lake Kariba is the largest artificial lake in the world. Created in the 1960s thanks to the building of a hydroelectric dam, which is a sight in itself, this unique lake comes into its own during rainy seasons. When the banks burst and flood the surrounding forest, you’ll have a great chance to capture some pictures of treetops poking out of the water.

The City of Harare

A modern landscape in every sense of the word, Harare offers a remarkable contrast to the many natural sights of Zimbabwe. Massive skyscrapers dot the skyline while the hustle and bustle of the 3 million people who call this city home offer some great shots for people watchers. The city is also home to many parks and museums.

The Ruins of Great Zimbabwe

From Zimbabwe’s most modern city, we move into its most ancient. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Great Zimbabwe features the ruins of towers, walls, and the old royal city. If you want to get a feel for the Shona culture on which the city was founded as well as capture some unique shots, Great Zimbabwe is the place to visit.

Wild and Modern

Offering a unique insight into modern African life, combined with plenty of chances for natural photography, Zimbabwe is a stunning country. Schedule your trip today and prepare for a unique experience!

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