A photographer’s dream destination– Tanzania is filled with beautiful attractions and natural sights. From the stunning snow-capped mountains to the country’s wide and varied “Big Five” safari, there is always something for the shutterbug in you to find.

The Big Five

What are the Big Five?
In Tanzania, they are lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and buffalo. All of these wondrous creatures are accessible to you when you visit Tanzania.
Photographic safaris.
Operators provide safaris dedicated to getting you up close and personal with some of the most enchanting wildlife that the Serengeti has to offer.

The Serengeti Plains

So vast that they appear never-ending, the Serengeti plains offer photographers a huge number of opportunities. With a private vehicle, you can explore this fascinating environment and discover animals in their natural habitats. What’s more, the views of sunrise and sunset over the Serengeti plains are so breathtaking that you’ll have to pinch yourself as a reminder that you’re supposed to be taking photos.

Lake Manyara

Flamingos for as far as the eye can see is the defining trait of Lake Manyara. This stunning stretch of pure blue water is inhabited by some of the most fascinating wildlife that Tanzania has to offer. Your camera will get an amazing workout as you observe flamingos interacting with each other in a stunning location.

Mount Kilimanjaro

One of the world’s most famous peaks is yours for the capturing when you visit Tanzania. This enormous mountain is a stunning sight to behold. Better yet, many operators provide guided tours to help you find the best places to snap some stunning shots.

Ol Doinyo Lengai

The restless Ol Doinyo Lengai, which translates to “Mountain of God”, is unique among volcanoes– it’s the only volcano on the planet to emit natrocarbonatites, or rare volcanic rocks made of potassium, sodium, and calcium carbonite. These unique rocks make for some fascinating photographic opportunities.

Visit Tanzania

A land teeming with stunning natural scenery, Tanzania is the ideal destination for those who wish to capture stunning shots of mountains, wild animals, and the great plains of the Serengeti. Book your visit today to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity for some stunning snaps.

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