Africa Private Family Vacation

A photographer’s dream destination– Africa is filled with beautiful attractions and natural sights. From the stunning snow-capped mountains to the country’s wide and varied “Big Five” safari, there is always something for the shutterbug in you to find.

Get back to Nature!

When you think of ‘ideal’ family holidays, it is usually a vision of an all-inclusive beach resort or some sort of theme park that comes to mind. However, something as spectacular as a safari could be the perfect family vacation! What we offer is totally engaging. Take an African Family Safari and get the whole family outside. Reconnect with nature, and feed all your senses!

Your family in safe hands

The African private Family vacation is the perfect holiday for all ages because it allows multiple generations to make and treasure memories forever. At Africa Nature Photography & Safaris, we have been specializing in private family safaris and for years.

Doing something that is good for the mind, body, and soul, in the great outdoors, is a rare thing. Our African Family Safari offers all this and more!

Accommodation and Dining on an African private Family vacation

Most of the lodges and camps that we are using for our family-friendly safari like; Sopa Lodges and Tanganyika wilderness camps offer comfortable accommodation for all manner and size of families, which includes camps/lodges that offer interconnecting rooms, family suites, and family tents. When it comes to food and drink, we have that covered too because it is a major consideration. So, we ensure safe drinking water and a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs are catered to.

Cultural Activities

Visiting a local village, for example, provides interesting learning opportunities for young and old alike. But even though the differences may be obvious at first, our common basic desires often unite people across continents.

Things like health, happiness, and opportunities to experience life to the full. Often the children lead the way in this respect, especially when you see them at play together. This enriching learning experience has often proved life-changing for many of our younger guests.

Our most popular activities include:

  • Visit local school
  • Time at a local market
  • Cycling excursions
  • Nature walks
  • Meet a local family

Making your mark on an African private Family vacation

Our visitors often want to leave gifts for those they meet. School supplies are in great need in Africa, so you may wish to bring them with you to the local school. Items for consideration include pens, crayons, exercise books, small backpacks, coloring books, and world maps.

Visitors are often asked to pay duty at Kilimanjaro Airport on school supplies so, we recommend distributing the items among your regular clothes and luggage to reduce the chance of being asked to pay duty. Alternatively, you could bring a little extra cash and purchase supplies in Arusha and we will help you deliver them.

Come prepared

Although there currently aren’t any required immunizations for travel to Africa, we recommend you visit your doctor and discuss which vaccines and medicines that you might need for your trip.

Also, keep in mind that some vaccines require multiple shots and may need to be done over a course of time, so plan ahead. Another great course for vaccine information is the CDC website, and in addition, we have compiled a list of vaccines for you to consider before your trip to Africa.

List of vaccines

  • Routine vaccines
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis B
  • Malaria
  • Rabies
  • Yellow Fever

Be Malaria aware

Know how to take your Malaria medication as there are different types. Some are daily and some are weekly. You must take them as prescribed by your doctor, usually, the course will start before you leave home.

Bring you own

Ensure you bring enough of any other medications that you are taking and either a copy of the written prescription or a letter from your doctor certifying the need for you to take them just in case you are asked at customs. Bring any allergy medicine that you might need, such as EpiPen or antihistamine for any reaction that you might have.

Please note that Tsetse fly bites can cause an allergic reaction or severe itching especially if you are sensitive to bug bites. Consult with your doctor prior to your departure about the best course of action, should you react to such a bite. Cortisone cream and/or Benadryl could be a great help if you are bitten, but please consult your doctor first.

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