Reconnect with nature in a country that offers space and a chance to truly escape from the pressures of modern life. One of the least populated countries in the world, Namibia also provides plenty of chances for an avid photographer to take some amazing pictures.

The Ghost Town of Kolmanskop

What was once a thriving community turned into a ghost town following a drop in the popularity of diamonds. Abandoned in 1956, Kolmanskop is a haunting reminder of the temporal nature of life. It’s also the ideal place to capture some spooky shots of abandoned buildings slowly being engulfed by the ever-shifting desert sands.


If you’re looking to experience the silence and solitude that Namibia has to offer, there’s no better place than Deadvlei. With gorgeous blue skies and some of the largest sand dunes the world has to offer, this arid area is one big photo opportunity. But of course, the highlight is the many remains of trees that died over 700 years ago, unable to decompose due to the dry landscape.

The Desert Lodges

Starry skies abound over the many desert lodges that Namibia boasts. With no light pollution in sight, these lodges offer spectacular views of the night sky. If you want to snap some shots of the constellations, there are few better places in the world than at a Namibian desert lodge.

Fabulous Fish River

Home to the continent’s largest canyon, Fish River features remarkable and surreal scenery that is ideal for an avid photographer. Guided tour operators can take you on challenging hikes to unveil the true majesty that this vast river and its canyons have to offer.

Achieve True Solitude

In Namibia, you will find an escape from the world that allows you to plan your vacation however you see fit. With wondrous natural sights, it’s ideal for a photographer who doesn’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of the tourism trade. Schedule your journey today and get lost in a truly stunning country!

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