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Silale Swamp

Silale Swamp Tarangire

The lively Silale Swamp always acts as one of the highlights when visiting Tarangire National Park and provides a lot of opportunities for animal encounters. The swamp acts like a sponge during the rain season and slowly releases water into the Tarangire River during the dry season. The swamp tends to be green for the big part of the year and make incredibly beautiful scenery to the surrounding area. 

To truly appreciate what this hidden oasis can offer, it is advised you pay a visit during the dry season when it attract hundreds of elephants and other animals who gather in mass to feed on the lush grass. It is also a great place to encounter the famous Tarangire tree climbing lions and leopards as well as huge African Rock Pythons.

The Silale swamp is simply a birding paradise and it is thought to support the largest concentration of breeding birds in the ecosystem.